Dining room

Full board from Monday to Saturday. Meals are homemade and varied.


The cleaning of rooms will be held twice a week.


Laundry and ironing will be done once a week. 

Food Service

Full board from Monday to Saturday. The meals are homemade, home-cooked and varied.. Students will be cared for at all times in their dietary needs, due to illness, illness or special diet prescribed by a doctor. Special menus are also prepared according to the ideology of each person (religious convictions, vegetarians). For reasons of hygiene, no food is allowed in the rooms.


The breakfasts at the Residencia Nuestra Señora de Nuestra Señora de Nuestra Señora de Nuestra Lady of Grace has wide variety of foods such as coffee, tea, milk, cocoa, cereals, toast, biscuits, croissants, jam, butter, pastries, etc.


Normally comprises two courses and dessertThe aim is to follow a balanced diet that provides the vitamins and proteins necessary for proper nutrition.


The cena at compone mainmente from platos ligeros y saltudables, como ensatadas, sopas, arroces, pastas, pescados, carnes, seeduras, etc. See trata from ofrecer aa nutritious and balanced dinner for cerrar on día with energyía.

Cleaning Service

The cleaning of rooms will be made twice a week while the common areas of the Residence, the following will take place on a daily basis by the cleaning staff. The change of sheets will be every 15 days.

Laundry & Ironing Service

Laundering and ironing shall be done once a week. once a week. Small items of clothing will be delivered in a fairly loose and identifiable mesh for easy location and better washing. Laundry will be placed in a bag and collected once a week.